Before the Wedding/Colors

While I’m trying not to go through pictures I take until about one month after, this picture is an exception. My wife was a bridesmaid (bride matron?) at a wedding and so I was asked by her and the other bridesmaids to share the pictures I took that day.

This picture was originally taken in color but I converted it to black and white. I’m beginning to realize how difficult it is to take good pictures in color, especially as I try to take pictures of where I live in color as part of a self-assigned project. I can barely keep up with composition, figure-to-ground, and interesting subject matter in black and white but adding color certainly adds an additional layer of complexity. Being mindful of how color adds to my photos instead of detracting from them (or having no influence at all on them) is a fun new thing I get to think about as I go through and edit my pictures.


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