Korean subway system during rush hour (and some other thoughts)

It’s been a while since I last posted thanks to being wiped out from the 14 hour return flight and then having to go straight into working night shifts. To add to the delay, I took over 1200 pictures during my 2-3 weeks there so I had to go through all the pictures and delete all the garbage while keywording those that survived the initial run through and then selecting the pictures that I needed to send to various family members.

Whew. In any case, most of those pictures were snapshots more than attempts to take interesting pictures. But even though there’s significantly less interesting pictures, I took enough pictures that I feel like I learned a lot. Since I’m still feeling fairly tired, I will make a half-hearted attempt at making a list of lessons learned.

  1. I love my new Fuji X-T1– Up until a few months ago, I was pretty heavily invested into Canon and had the Canon 5D Mk II with a couple of L lenses and various accessories. But despite having nice equipment, I just was not taking pictures often. The gear was too heavy and conspicuous and that hindered me from taking the kinds of pictures that I liked to take. By complete accident, I stumbled upon the mirrorless world and discovered the Fuji X-T1. After reading many reviews, I went out and sold all my Canon gear and invested into Fuji and I haven’t looked back. I probably took more pictures with my Fuji in the 3 months I’ve owned it than over a year with the Canon. I just love the way the images come out in my Fuji and the lenses seem like they are very well made including the “kit” lens, which is much better than any other kit lens I’ve encountered. It also helps that I love the way that it looks and feels. I’ll stop here since this wasn’t intended to be a review, but shooting with the Fujifilm X-T1 has been a joy.
  2. The ability of lenses– After selling my gear, I bought a Fuji 35mm prime and the 18-55mm “kit” lens. For the most part, I’ve been using the prime lens as I’ve grown accustomed to a level of sharpness in my pictures. The prime is obviously a little less convenient in the vacation setting so I had the 18-55mm on the camera for most of the time. Despite my misgivings, I was pleased overall with the image quality. The ability to change focal lengths also allowed me to experiment with getting a sense of framing at 23mm and 35mm (after crop) while taking pictures versus the usual 50mm and I grew to appreciate taking pictures with a wider focal length. At the same time, after taking enough pictures, I felt like I did notice the difference in sharpness compared to a prime lens. Also, I wonder if I would have gotten better at framing pictures in my mind if I had stuck to one focal length and really learned that specific focal lengths and lens.

There’s more to write about lessons I learned in photography but I’m too tired to write more and the part of me that is awake is worrying that I’m just rambling without making sense at the moment. I also want to write more about this particular image but perhaps I’ll leave that for the next post where I continue to talk about what I’ve learned as well as what I was trying to achieve photography-wise while in Korea.


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