A child’s silhouette at the Museum of Contemporary Art

A few days prior the weather was quite nice and so my wife, her parents, and I decided to head out to Gwacheon, a nice area close to central Seoul that features attractions such as a zoo, a theme park, an art museum, and a flower garden, to enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, so did a ridiculous amount of people as the parking and crowd situation was absolutely horrendous. Every time I visit Seoul, the introvert in me is appalled by the massive swarms of people that gather no matter where you go.

In any case, after parking far away, we trekked to the Museum of Contemporary Art since there are nice outdoor exhibits there. Along the way and while there, I managed to take some pictures. I’ll probably post some of the pictures with color I took later since I love the way some of them came out. 

I’ve actually been taking a lot of pictures the past few days but I decided against bringing a computer on this trip and so reviewing my images and selecting the ones I like has been a relatively time consuming task as I have to transfer my images to my iPad and then post from here. This unfortunately has been the rate limiting step in my uploads but I will try to post as frequently as I can. 

I will actually be going to the Philippines tomorrow in an area with questionable internet connection but I will have lots of pictures on my return. 


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