A Portrait of Mr. Walker

Thanks to a rather busy work schedule I haven’t been able to go out and take pictures outside of my house and so I’ve been forced to resort to taking pictures of things around the house. I received this bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label from my cousin as a gift and just couldn’t resist taking pictures of how amazing it looks. Interestingly enough, it tastes better to me when I’m enjoying it with someone else and when I’m in a better mood. Once my wife lets me, I’ll have to get a single malt Scotch and take pictures of that as well.

Here’s a glass poured out for all of my Internet homies:

Poured out


1 Comment

  1. No doubting that is a good looking bottle. Fantastic photographs BTW. I’m still not convinced the Blue Label is everything it’s cracked up to be. Though it is certainly an excellent gift!
    Keep on waffling,


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