View of the Empire State Building at Night ( And on Right Brain Atrophy)

Another out of focus image that I decided to upload because I liked the feeling I got from it despite my slightly obsessive personality screaming from the depths of my soul that it’s all too blurry.

I’ve been giving some thought to the pictures I take the last few days after watching a documentary called Everybody Street as well as reading some other photo blogs. When does a photo stop being just a snapshot without meaning to something more? Can I take images that evoke emotions like other photographers have done rather than just uploading shots of the delicious food I’ve been eating?

Not to say that that isn’t fun or that it is completely meaningless. It just seems that after being neglected for so long, the right side of my brain wants to express itself in a deeper way. But atrophy is a terrible thing and the struggle to do that is fairly difficult. So here’s to me putting in effort to work that side of my brain out.


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